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A new round of technological revolution and industrial change is emerging, and the formation of big data, innovation of theoretical algorithms, improvement of computing power and evolution of network facilities are driving the development of artificial intelligence into a new stage, and intelligence has become an important direction of technological and industrial development.
In recent years, many major breakthroughs have been made in the field of human intelligence, and a wave of frenzied research and application has been set off worldwide. Human intelligence has now penetrated every crevice of human society and will become an important basis for driving change in human society.
First, we need to look at the control of artificial intelligence," says Bill Gates. My fear is that if it gets too smart, we won't be able to control it." Stephen Hawking said, "Artificial intelligence could become the greatest threat we face. It could lead to the extinction of the human race."
All of these celebrities have raised alarm and concern about the rise and development of AI, believing that it could pose a threat to humanity. But at the same time, they also believe that if AI can be mastered, it will bring many benefits to humanity. The development of artificial intelligence has transitioned from technology-driven to data-driven, and big data is a necessary production factor for artificial intelligence. The decentralized and non-tamperable characteristics of blockchain can promote the collaboration of different topics at the resource level and help the AI industry improve productivity with a decentralized model.
Artificial Intelligence Block($ATMT), an artificial intelligence chain manipulation system based on superbrain. Designed to help collaborative developers complete and autonomously develop to create superb AI building for the blockchain industry, ATMT is a diverse intelligence superbrain chain providing investors with unprecedented advanced AI tools and technologies to enhance the blockchain industry manipulation experience to optimize their trading strategies and increase their investment returns hundreds of times over. Artificial Intelligence Block will build a virtuous ecosystem of AI bots, AI wallet, AI exchange, VR AI game development, AI social systems, intelligent algorithmic trading manipulation systems (replicating the trading strategies of Warren Buffett, Soros, Mining in the defi space in non-custodial form, non-custodial form of decentralized futures exchange execution strategy trading such as DYDX & GMX ), etc. In the future, ATMT will build an AI digital rebirth system to replicate human consciousness, images, social interaction, information, etc. into robots to obtain "intelligent immortality" as a robot.
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