2.1 Artificial intelligence search engine

The current development model of AI has shifted from the early technology-driven to data-driven, with a few data resource monopolists becoming dominant and many AI developers having difficulty optimizing training models due to a lack of data accumulation. Big data as a necessary production factor is too concentrated and cannot match the scientific and technological productivity of AI development, which leads to the inefficiency of the whole resource collaboration market and largely hinders the development speed of AI.

ATMT will rely on the underlying blockchain architecture to connect data resource parties, application developers, and other players, effectively organize productivity and production factors to match and attract more resource owners to participate through an endogenous incentive mechanism to gradually enrich data reserves and application scenarios, thus realizing a virtuous cycle of the system and creating greater value.

ATMT will launch an AI AI search engine to provide an open resource information release channel to solve the flow of resources needed in the AI industry application development process and improve the efficiency of collaboration at the AI development resource level.

Through an open and transparent decentralized resource trading platform, various resources needed for AI development can be traded on the chain, and resource demanders can pay ATMT to resource providers to gain access to the resources. With the introduction of more and more resources in the market, market-based fair pricing will be gradually realized, thus promoting the scale of AI industry application development and allowing AI to benefit everyone's life faster, better, and more safely.

At the level of data resources, ATMT will already introduce strategic partners Baidu, Netease, Sogou, Google, and other data resource providers and major mainstream portals to complete the initial deployment of data resources, and will introduce more data resource partners in the future. At the AI development level, ATMT will cooperate with the top AI R&D institutions in the industry to promote the development and implementation of some AI industry applications through the collaboration of the cloud set of resources on the chain.

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