2.5 Artificial intelligence social system

Many of the technologies inside the big social platforms we use now are implemented using artificial intelligence, not only the functions we use, but actually, these platforms are also using artificial intelligence.

In the current era of information explosion, facing the massive amount of information, many companies face the problem that they can not quickly deliver the right information to the right customers, so they can not achieve maximum marketing effect. So more and more business users will consider adopting artificial intelligence and automation to find potential customers and interact with them directly through these intelligent software tools.

The AI technology used in the ATMT AI social system has at least four applications in the social sector.

Timed messaging

We can easily manage multiple accounts with the ATMT Artificial Social System, so you can register different accounts for different products and then unify them on the ATMT Artificial Social System's platform. Of course, the most important thing is their pre-publishing function, you can set up a batch of information for each account in advance, and then set the publishing time so that ATMT artificial social system automatically published for you. At the same time, ATMT's artificial social system also provides a click statistics function, so that you can fully grasp the click status of your published information can adjust your marketing strategy in time!

Optimize social content

ATMT artificial social system will bring maximum exposure to users by focusing on data analysis of major social platforms and by optimizing users' social content.

Active and positive interaction

ATMT artificial intelligence social system will provide users with automatic chatbots, in addition to some automated tools, and will integrate Facebook and Twitter social platforms, to further realize the positive interaction between brands and customers.

Humanized relationships In the future

ATMT AI social system will simulate human behavior and can play many real-world roles, such as guides, interlocutors, administrators, moderators, and even friends, so as to facilitate a more human relationship with customers.

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