2.6 Intelligent algorithmic trading manipulation system

The digital currency market is a global financial trading market that operates around the clock. In this active market, a large number of transactions are taking place every second of every day. Its tremendous volatility can bring investors both substantial gains and potentially large losses. As a result, traders face many pressures and challenges in executing buy and sell decisions, and the 24/7 nature of the digital currency market creates many problems for manual operations.

The ATMT intelligent algorithmic trading manipulation system aims to create an artificial intelligence robot service that integrates a number of data processing and quantitative analysis functions such as decision optimization, risk management, position control, order execution, and report generation.

ATMT's intelligent algorithmic trading manipulation system will provide customers with automatic quantitative trading services, which can keep an eye on every investment opportunity and analyze trading risks at all times. At the same time, ATMT's intelligent algorithmic trading manipulation system has a variety of investment strategies (replicating Warren Buffett, Soros, and other trading strategies), and users have a lot of room to choose from. From passive to active, from conservative to aggressive, and from long-term steady investment to short-term frequent trading, the robot's investment mode settings depend entirely on the user's personal preferences.

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