5. ATMT Team

ATMT team is currently an anonymous development team. We bring together industry experts in various fields including computer, information security, communication, mathematics, chain tour, AI, social, storage, cross-chain, web development, and high-frequency algorithmic trading, etc. We have rich experience in blockchain underlying, distributed databases, cryptographic algorithms, application layer construction, cross-chain technology, etc. The team not only has strong technical capabilities, but also has excellent scientific research capabilities, and has continuously made significant research breakthroughs in various fields such as distributed ledger and cryptography.
Dr. Adrian - C language expert and blockchain technology expert, has been researching the application of blockchain technology in the financial field for a long time. He has been involved in cross-platform porting of mining algorithms and software development management of mining machines for Bitcoin, ETH and other virtual currencies. He has rich experience in the technical architecture of virtual digital currency wallets and virtual digital exchanges.
Stanford - Senior programmer, PhD in Computer Science from Caltech, senior expert in blockchain technology application, DeFi application expert. He has extensive experience in big data parallel computing and distributed algorithm optimization, and has in-depth research in blockchain, cryptography, and data mining.
Bradley - He is a Harvard graduate, specializing in intelligent voice technology, social networking and traceability, Python, and application development. He has over 100 professional publications and over 80 core patents in the field of intelligent interaction, and he is also the drafter of several international standards. He provides overall consulting services for projects and helps projects to realize project application implementation to provide strategic support.
Giles - Technical developer, Master of Computer Science from Harvard University, Python language expert, blockchain technology engineer. His research involves data mining, artificial intelligence and algorithm optimization. He is responsible for project AI algorithm construction and optimization.
Hubery - program developer, blockchain technology application senior engineer, has senior development experience in the field of private social network. He has 15 years of Internet experience, is proficient in many computer languages, and is good at the design of long massive and high concurrent available architectures, and has rich experience in R&D management.
Justin - worked at IBM Computer Research Center. He was exposed to digital cryptography through his paper "New Directions in Cryptography", and verified the feasibility of distributed ledgers by means of asymmetric encryption and elliptic curve algorithms. At the same time, he is proficient in the principle and implementation of mainstream blockchain technologies such as Bitcoin, Ether, HyperLedger, etc. He has deep understanding and rich practice in blockchain consensus mechanism, smart contract, cross-chain technology, sidechain technology, privacy protection, etc.
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