1.4 ATMT's Vision

In the future society, big data is an important factor of production, artificial intelligence is the most efficient production, and blockchain will establish a more stable production relationship. artificial Intelligence Block (hereinafter referred to as ATMT) is an artificial intelligence chain manipulation system based on a superbrain. Designed to help collaborative developers complete and autonomously develop and create superb artificial intelligence building for the blockchain industry, ATMT is a diverse intelligent superbrain chain providing investors with unprecedented advanced artificial intelligence tools and technologies to enhance the blockchain industry manipulation experience to optimize their trading strategies and increase their investment returns hundreds of times over.

ATMT technically focuses on the transformation of existing blockchain systems to enable AI industry applications to utilize blockchain technology for the flow of data, services, and other resources. ATMT breaks through the limitations of AI industry application programming language, operating environment, and application complexity, and provides AI industry enterprises with interfaces for application data resources to be deployed, extracted and transaction records to be queried on the blockchain; it agrees to use asymmetric The method of using asymmetric encryption and decryption to achieve user authentication can give application providers the ability to easily interface to blockchain platforms without understanding the underlying blockchain technology, and complete the authentication of users (anonymous), payment verification of application resources, etc. Artificial Intelligence Block will build a benign ecosystem of artificial intelligence robot, Bitcoin L2, artificial intelligence wallet, artificial intelligence exchange, VR artificial intelligence game development, artificial intelligence social system, and intelligent algorithmic trading manipulation system (replicating Warren Buffett, Soros, and other trading strategies), etc.

In the future, ATMT will build an AI digital rebirth system to replicate human consciousness, images, social interaction, information, etc. into robots to obtain "intelligent immortality" as a robot.

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